Friday, May 23, 2008

Sentimential expressions! An experience

Art education at Sir.J.J.School? 40 yrs back it was more than a livinig dreams,for a farmer's son of bilashi ...a small village of sangli dist.maharashtra.india.In the lap of sahyadri hills;i was bron there as a farmer's son! Idid have fascination for nature and its interpretation since childhood.The foothill of sahyadri,valleys,lushgreen surrounding and innocent people around....I still remember them ,my first introduction to forms and colours.Those were the days when arts had no in society and ther were hardly any councillor to guide.It was only the inner urge that insisted me to make move from my Village to Mumbai!By th grace of god,my sister and her husband both played the role of path finders."G.A.Dandekar was formally admitted to sir .j.j school without knowing the future"!

In the making at an artist such references are esentials.An artist cannot progress without struggle;inspriations do not occur wihout such experiences.Besides them there are people whose thoughts keep an artist ignitings from within.Picasso,Matisse,Gogin my Gurus and Indian masters are my inspirations.Their style,process of thinking,sacrifices in life and an attitude always inspired me.It is this inspiration that provided me a wider view in terms of medium and expressions.As a student,as a teacher at and as a professional,i always enjoyed the company at these various medium of expressions which made my journey easier,pleasurable & peaceful.

Though i started as a landscape painter initially,my journey across India opened the new chapter.Indian people their rural surroundings,colourful celebrations,life style,their interactions with nature that embraces them,was magnetic.

"The cultural boundaries that encompass"they must be conveyed",I thought ,so I invited them on my canvas.Art critics,Art lovers,Collectors,Artists,Students will appericate this effort i hope!every artist and his creactions are part of impressions of his surroundings, nature and culture I believe;an artist's efforts,consistency and expressions project these impressions of my experience of culture.

I hope same will be shared by the viewers.


Joyotee said...

You are a great inspiration to all those whose lives you touch....with your work and with your words.

da's creations said...

Respected Joy,
first of all congralutions and best wishes for your second solo exhibition at art mosic gallery.though you are self tought artist its a god gift to you. the way which you have created figarative paintinga on women series titled "SHAKTI" means power.has got powerful expressions with vibrant colours along with creations on indian cultural and it seems your own created style and little bit it gives impression of semi-abstract figarative paintings like many kolkattal artist express in their paintings with very bold and simlplyfied forms means it seems to be you have got very bright future. WISH YOU ALL THE BEST AND GREAT SUCCESS IN FUTURE.